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Whether you're registering a new business in Nigeria, trying to protect your company's intellectual property in Kenya, or expanding to the U.S, we've got you covered.

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“Being a global financial services company meant we needed to be thorough with setting up our legal structure in multiple jurisdictions. Norebase made the entire process painless and smooth. Would 100% recommend”

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Yele Bademosi


“Norebase made our expansion to Kenya so easy we didn't have to think about it again after filling the form. It's the perfect tool for African startups looking to expand into new markets”

Nadayar Enegesi


Everything you need to start your business

Norebase offers a range of services to get your business up and running

Register your company seamlessly

Whether you already own a business or you’re just getting started, we will help you incorporate your company in any country easily

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Get and operate a corporate bank account in your country of incorporation+

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Incorporate in any African country from anywhere

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Get local licenses and permits

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Incorporate a U.S and B.V.I company from anywhere

Get access to foreign investors and bank accounts when you setup your holding company with Norebase.

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Pay for your Delaware and B.V.I incorporation in your local currency and get a corporate bank account.

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Get the best tax and regulation incentives for your busineses

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Get a registered agent appointed to keep your company compliant and up-to-date with all legal paperwork

Protect your company assets with a trademark registration

Your ideas are valuable. Protect them with our simplified trademark process

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Legally protect your brand assets and other IP from competitors

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Register a trademark in any country seamlessly

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100% transparent process

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Register your customers’ businesses with our Incorporation API

The Norebase API lets you integrate business registration on your platform using a simple form.

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Easily register businesses for your customers in any country

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Verify your clients’ incorporation documents

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Eliminate dropoff points due to KYB procedure

Built for businesses just like yours

Norebase is simplifying all things incorporation and trademark for all businesses

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Norebase for startups

Supercharge your growth with an international holding company incorporation and get a foreign bank account

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Norebase for Businesses

Register your business and get a corporate bank account seamlessly

Why Use Norebase?

Fast Filing

File your application in minutes, Set up in days. You’ll get your incorporation documents within 3-5 days.

Transparent Process

New business owner? We’ll keep you in the loop through the registration procedure and help you navigate launch or expansion anywhere.

Get the best prices

Ditch the pay-per-hour model. Pay the best prices for incorporation or trademark services as a local or foreigner.

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