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The Big Picture

At Norebase, we believe that leveraging technology to build antifragile businesses in more competitive markets will unlock an era of Africa-wide prosperity. Our mission is to help founders, creators and businesses worldwide access the booming African market.

We began our journey knowing that the opportunity to grow successful businesses in Africa is bountiful, especially when individuals can access the continent as one big market. Our learnings of the complexities of various markets birthed a digital platform that makes doing business in Africa worthwhile and seamless.

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Our Values

Some of the things we strongly believe



Norebase uses technology to build products to change the future of business in Africa. We dream of securing Africa’s prosperity by encouraging business in Africa


Customer Obsession

Our customers are our most important assets. From our easy-to-use products to our stellar customer support, we surpass your expectation to bring you excellent service, always.



Norebase values transparency and accountability as essential tools for building trust with our clients while holding ourselves accountable to produce honest and excellent work, r egardless of the occasion.



We thrive by building off each other’s strengths. We believe shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated and individual efforts. From our compliance team to our IT department, we rely on each other to produce our best work.



Respect promotes cooperation and helps us reach our shared goals. We aim to be the most respected organisation in our area of expertise and we recognise that this begins with respecting each other, our clients, partners and our values.