Norebase - Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to providing excellent support services to all our clients. Our support team will be happy to make every effort to resolve your issue. If we are not able to complete your requested Service (within a reasonable timeline for the procured Service) or if you choose to cancel an unfulfilled Service within 14 days of purchase, we will make a full refund back to you less any statutory fees, taxes, and third-party charges already advanced. Please note that only Norebase fees are refundable; all government, state, partner and third-party fees involved in providing you with the chosen Services are non-refundable to the extent they have already been paid on your behalf.

(a) What is the refund policy?

Norebase will issue a full refund less any state or other third-party fees already advanced, for cancellations that occur within 14 days of purchase.

(b) When does it apply?

We can only refund our fee for issues we are directly responsible for or have control over. If you purchased something and later change your mind, we can't issue a refund. Below you can find the cases where refunds are applicable:

- Request before company registration has been filed - a full refund is possible if Norebase has not already advanced the fees and expenses to its partner or Counsel in the respective country has not yet submitted a filing to the applicable state. Please note that in line with our policy for providing excellent and time-efficient service to our Clients, funds are usually advanced for the performance of Services within 1 - 3 days.

(c) What can’t be refunded?

Once we pay our partners and vendors to file and submit any paperwork to the government on your behalf, we cannot refund any filing fees or partner service fees. In addition, if you purchase a product through us that is serviced by a third party (such as Nominee Director Service, Virtual Mailing Address, etc.), we cannot refund fees paid to these providers.

Last updated August 24, 2022