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Why register a trademark?


Protect your brand assets and Intellectual property legally


Your business name, logo, or slogan will remain unique


Gives you evidence for the exclusive ownership of a mark.

The Trademark Package


Trademark in multiple countries

Your trademark can be registered in any country of your choice simultaneously.


Proof of Filing

A temporary proof of filing will be issued to you as an evidence of registration before your certificate is ready.


Pre-filing mark check

We’ll conduct an extensive search at the trademark registry to ensure your trademark is available then file under any of the 45 trademark classes.

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Why use Norebase

Fast application

File your application in minutes, Set up in days. You’ll get your incorporation documents within 3-5 business days.

Transparent Process

We’ll keep you in the loop through the registration procedure and help you navigate launch or expansion anywhere.

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Ditch the pay-per-hour model. Pay the best prices for Incorporation or trademark services as a local or foreigner.

Your trademark is only a few steps away

We'll save you time and get you set up with ease


Sign up and tell us about your mark


A pre-filing mark check will be conducted


We'll file your application if your mark is available


A proof of filing will be issued as soon as we file with the registry

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